Octoprint don't display camera


Are you all doing great ?

I have an issue with the octoprint display camera.

Octoprint don't show any image :

but when I go to my (link http://localhost.:8080/?action=stream) the stream is working.

Do you have any idea of what is causing that ?

(I'm using Ubuntu)

Thank you in advance,

Here my url stream working :

and here my webcam settings :

Hello @Morgan !

You may try this setting:


your url looks a little bit weird, because behind localhost there is a dot followed by colon.
Try to remove the dot, maybe it helps.
Sometimes it is useful to open the Browser-Dev-Tool (Key: F12) to see some javascript-issues.


Thank you for the answer.
It doesn't work. I still have the same issue.

HI @OllisGit,

I did find the solution with the Browser-dev-tool. It seems to be google chrome that block the acces because it's not secure :

I tried with another web browser and it works perfectly.

Thank you for your help.