Octoprint File Manager

First, excellent application. Really helpful.

I have the 1.3.11 Octoprint using the DrLex GPX plugin on a Flashforge Pro.

What is the problem? Everything works well except I have a file stuck in "files". I deleted it yet the name remains on the list with a blank "size".

What did you already try to solve it? I did; deleted, refreshed, rebooted, searched the SD card directories and found nothing. Grep'd all the files in my home/subdirectories and only found log refferences.

Logs (octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

  • Send: N9983 M30 /20mmmoreinterestingbox.x3g*34
  • Recv: ok
  • Recv: // echo: (line 9983) Syntax error: unrecognised gcode '/20mmmoreinterestingbox.x3g*34'

For what it's worth, a hexadecimal 20 is decimal 32 which looks a lot like a space character. If it were me I would do the following from a remote shell into the Raspberry:

sudo service octoprint stop
rm ~/.octoprint/uploads/?mmmoreinterestingbox.x3g
sudo service octoprint start

/20mm - it's a leading slash followed by the word 20mm. No hex here.

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~/.octoprint/uploads is empty. As I mentioned, I did a search or the entire SD card and did not find the file.

I suspect it is tied up in a database somewhere. I Grep'd all the files in my home/subdirectories and did not find the file, only references to it in LOG files.

So... there are two places from which you can print this: 1) the microSD in the Raspberry, also known as "local" and 2) the SD card which is in the printer's controller board itself. Is it possible that you're trying to look in one place yet print from the other?

That was it - thanks!