Octoprint Folder Setup

I'm running Octoprint with ubuntu installed on an old HP Chromebox(mrchromebox)

After the ubuntu and octo install I am left with 2gb free out of the "16"gb ssd. I have an SD card that I am using as a place to store the uploaded gcodes, timelapses, etc to keep from maxing out the ssd.

The SD card mounts and I can change the upload folder from the octoprint settings and it'll work fine. If/when I need to shutdown or restart the chromebox octoprint goes back to the default folder that is on the ssd. I can see the SD card mounted when ubuntu loads but octorpint isn't keeping the setting. If I go back to the settings and change the folder path it works fine again.

I am relatively new to linux so speak slow....lol.

I don't remember exactly where I saw this issue before, but it has popped up. Either in GitHub issues or here in the forum. Probably going to need more information on your setup exactly, but quick search here turned this up for external USB.

Found one of the issues on GitHub. Server Folder Path's reset to defaults on system boot · Issue #4167 · OctoPrint/OctoPrint · GitHub

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