OctoPrint for 2 printers in the network


I would like to run OctoPrint in Docker on a ASUS Chromebox, which is running PROXMOX.
So far no problem.
I have two printers (modified Creality Ender 3 pro and modified Anycubic Chiron) located in the basement.
The ASUS Chromebox is located far away in the attic.

My question is: How to connect the printers to the network?

Is it possible for example with an ESP32 which has a USB connection? or similar?

Thank you and best regards,

OctoPrint needs a serial connection to the printer, and this is by default a USB connection. It sends the gcode in real time so it needs minimal latency to the printer

There is an unlisted plugin Network Printing that could connect to an ESP running ESP3D or some other software providing the relevant protocol. It does risk instability, and I don't know anyone running network printing "in production". It is far, far more reliable to buy a mini PC or SBC that lives next to the printers, avoiding the possible failures (wasted filament/time cost).

Okay, understand!
Then is it possible to run a Raspberry 3 at the printers, but controlling it from my ASUS Chromebox?

Yes, this is a "typical" OctoPrint setup. You install OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi that is connected to the printers, then you can use OctoPrint's web UI from any device connected to the same network, or even remotely with remote access plugins.

For multiple printers on one Pi, I would choose the octoprint_deploy installation option which allows you to set them up easily.

A Raspberry Pi 3 will be fine. I'd recommend, if possible, using one RPi per printer. An RPi 3B, 3B+, or even Zero 2W should be available for reasonable prices. An RPi 4 or 5 are probably too expensive but both should run two printers with OctoPrint installed as @Charlie_Powell suggested.