Octoprint for all printers ? Form3,Anycubic,Ultimaker?


im new to the 3D World, my question is if i can use Octoprint to control the 3 3D printers we have.
One is the new Form 3 ( i already checked their website, it says its possible to print from remote but no word about Octoprint, only their own Software), also we have an anycubic and an ultimaker 2+.

Can we use all 3 with the Octoprint Software ?

Also we would like to have a cam recording 24 hours what we print and want to make the several hours Videos to very short ones,like 1-2 min , can anyone recommend a cam for that ?maybe one which already automaticly shortens the videos ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @paiam!

OctoPrint does not support SLA printers.
FFF/FDM printers are supported as long they use RepRap firmware(Marlin/Repetier etc) and don't do some extraordinary things.

I would clarify that as "as long as they can accept commands over a serial port".

There are other firmwares that are also supported. Also, there are SLA printers such as the Peopoly Moai that speak gcode and thus could be controlled through OctoPrint (but I don't know if it has an exposed serial port).

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Answering the question: You can use the Ultimaker 2+ with OctoPrint. The other anicubic depends on the model. The Form 3 cannot be controlled with OctoPrint as far as we know.

OctoPrint works perfectly with every most 3D printer(s) on the planet which was were manufactured by companies with at least half a brain.

Won't work:

There are some small-brained 3D printer manufacturers who insist on creating odd/proprietary interfaces for the purpose of actively preventing you from talking to them with anyone else's software.

  • Dremel 3D20
  • Flashforge Inventor, Guider 2s, Dreamer
  • Zmorph 2.0 SX
  • XYZ Davinci
  • Makerbot Replicator 2
  • Robox Dual
  • Objet
  • Qidi X-Smart
  • Cubicon -110F
  • Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2

Correct me if I'm wrong about the list.

@OutsourcedGuru I don't agree with your post. @Ewald_Ikemann's answer is much closer to the truth (with the clarifications I made), and none of the printers you list are relevant to OP. The list of printers that do not work with OctoPrint is much longer, and it is more useful to explain why they don't work than it is to try to maintain a full list.

Of course Ewald's on the mark. I'm just been a grump about the 3D printer manufacturers who are being obstinate in the playspace.

The printers I listed aren't compatible since they're doing something odd (unless someone's written a plugin which works for them).