Octoprint for Creality sermoon v1

Is Octoprint supported on the new Creality sermoon V1 (not D1), like it is on the ender 3 or ender 5? I dont think the gcode flavor is different, but I'm not sure about the mainboard. Please help.

Im also wondering about the sermoon v1 pro onboard camera. Does anyone know if it is possible to use this camera for octoprint?


I don't own that printer but I saw reviews that mention OctoPrint connected to the printer like it was no effort at all. The firmware appears to be a Marlin 2 so, based on that, I guess it's a thumbs up.

There appears to be two different printers with similar name - Creality Sermoon v1 and Sermoon d1.... Stupid naming system. On Creality's product page it looks like it might have wifi integrated, and it doesn't mention anything about having a USB port to plug in. It might be running similar software to the Creality WiFi box I guess.

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The Sermoon V1 is compatible with Octoprint. Hereโ€™s a link.

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