Octoprint for Print Monitoring question


i am pretty new to octoprint.
i have setup my rasberry pi (bought today) and octoprint and i can monitor my printer via the browser.

i am a windows user (win 10 64 bit).

the thing is i have a multi-monitor setup and i want to stream the video to one monitor.
*prefered just as as video overlay window i can put into a corner of the monitor. *
no browser just a video window on one of my monitors.

how can i achive this? any plugin or turorial? is it even possible?

ps: ok i see i can access the stream with http://octopi.local:8080/?action=stream

any program that just displays a resizable window that i can feed that stream too?
i tried with VLC and that worked but if possible i would prefer something really small and leightweight.

sorry im a noob when it comes to streaming apps.

greetings from germany.

Hi the Videostream comes not from octoprint / it is just a jpeg-stream.
You can open it with a browser, vlc. It also provides still pictures.

There is also the beta of https://www.thespaghettidetective.com :smiley:

yes as i wrote in my edit i noticed that. :slight_smile:
but i want something smaller (lighter footprint) than VLC and borderless.

Blockquote Spaghetti Detective

nice thing i will sure try that.

if you use Mac OS IINA is a way to go

or vlc
Video Options --> disable the checkbox 'Window Decorations'
then "Interface options" --> disable the "embed video in interface".


vlc -I dummy --width=640 --height=360 --video-x=100 --video-y=100 --no-video-deco --no-embedded-video http://octopi.local:8080/?action=stream

when i changed the VLC options then i changed it for all windows instances of VLC.
i did not want that.

i will try the commandline. thx.
i guess it only affects the active VLC instance?
but if possible i would really love some small tool that does it.

i remember having tested some few hundred KB tool a few years ago that could do it.
but i never had use for a streaming app until now. so i don´t remember.

ps: ok so i tried

call "C:\program files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -I dummy --width=500 --height=400 --video-x=100 --video-y=100 --no-video-deco --no-embedded-video "http://octopi.local:8080/?action=stream"

and while it is borderless i can not move the VLC window.

while i like VLC as a video player i found it not very stable.
i had times when i found 4-5 instances of crashed VLC still in the taskmanager.

hi then try without:

or maybe only the




Most browsers can be configured to not display the menu, status bar, etc. Search for how to bring up the link from a command line and toggle off features you don't need.

then i could just stick with VLC. :slight_smile:
i want a very small program.

i am not sure chrome can display a borderless window.

i totally forgot about media player classic... i think i will try that.

Windows 10 has dropped support for built-in Gadgets but you can add something like 8GadgetPack, for example. It will likely have a browser or media player option as one of them.