Octoprint gcode-part off centre, but physically prints in middle of bed


Since I got octoprint/klipper working in raspbian x86 in Virtualbox on my win7 pc, the octoprint gcode viewer shows the part at the top right.
The first print I did with this setup it also did that but I ignored it, since the part actually printed in the centre of the bed.
this time, I am going to use a much larger bed area, and in gcode viewer some of tehse parts are off the bed, and octoprint is kindly suggesting that the part exceeds the print area and could be a problem.
It is allowing me to print anyway, so I will see what it does physically.

So, how can I fix this gcode viewer to centre the part, and for Octorpint to recognize that the part is in the centre of the bed.?

OK, I forgot, with a new install of octoprint, i must set up printer profile with size and height,etc. Done, and issue sorted.lol.