Octoprint gcode scripts

Can anyone explain the differences between gcode scripts in octoprint vs in a slicer?

Aren't the start and end gcodes carried over when the file is sliced an uploaded to octoprint?

Right now my Prusa Mk3 runs through the mesh bed leveling twice at the beginning when I use octoprint. So I can delete all of the octoprint gcode scripts except maybe the cancel print one so it doesn't mesh bed level twice right?

What scripts do other prusa users on here use in octoprint? FYI, running octoprint on rpi 3 plugged in to usb on mk3s.



Yes you can delete them.
Just keep the cancel one as you said.

I usually include a command to home the X/Y/Z motors in my OctoPrint's startup gcode, followed by a G92 to let the firmware know to reset all three axes at zero.