Octoprint is sending a weird command to go to the middle after every layer

Edit: I think it was probably the OctoLapse update. I’m going to test and post again if that wasn’t the case, but I’m sure it couldn’t be anything else.

So I haven’t printed in a week because of some printer upgrades I was working on. I had not touch OP since then. But I just started a calibration cube and OP is sending this command to the printer after every layer:

Send: N16 G0 X110.000 Y110.000 F12000.000*84

That command doesn’t exist in the GCode. Also, I have a start GCode script in OP that draws a line back to front along the right side, moves over a little, and draw a line going back. It issues that command betwee those 2 commands. And that command definitely isn’t in that start GCode. Doesn’t anyone have any ideas as to why this happens?

This really sounds like OctoLapse. Try in SafeMode. When it works fine there try again with OctoLapse deactivated.

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Yeah. I put an edit in my post last night suspecting it was the update to octolapse. I confirmed it was. I had stabilization disabled before the update. After the update it was enable to center.