OctoPrint isn't logging plugin debug logs

What is the problem?

Octoprint is working fine and all plugins load correctly, however when I was creating a bug report for PSU Control plugging and tried to generate PSU Control debug log.

What did you already try to solve it?

I turned on all plugging debugging logs but no plugging log files were generated.

I also tried to turn off all user-installed plugins with the exception of PSU Control, but there was no chance as its log wasn't created

Have you tried running in safe mode?

Yes, and no plugin log was created

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

Yes, but nothing changed.

Systeminfo Bundle

octoprint-systeminfo-20210601181634.zip (31.9 KB)


Additional information about your setup

  • OctoPrint 1.6.1
  • Python 2.7.16
  • OctoPi 0.17.0
  • Ender 3 with SKR E3 Mini v1.3 and Marlin 2.0.7
  • Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Logs after rebooting with all plugins turned off and only PSU Control on. Strangely the Octoprint generated the plugin_PrintTimeGenius_engine.log file that wasn't marked to be generated.
octoprint-logs (4).zip (326.8 KB)

I see DEBUG entries in the log...?

Generating separate log files is different to setting the logging levels. Not all plugins generate their own files, but if they do they will usually tell you that. Majority of logging levels you set will be logged in the octoprint.log.

I manage to get the octoprint debug log but I couldn't generate the PSU Control plugin one, and according with the plugin developer it was supposed to be generated.

Got that some plugins might not generate log files. What is strange is that I am setting one thing in the OctoPrint setting logs and I am getting a different set of log files.

I set the logging levels to octoprint debug and octoprint.plugins.psucontrol, but got empty log files for plugin_PrintTimeGenius.

If I remove Print Time Genius plugin I get a log file for another plugin that I have, but not the PSU Control.

Some plugins have the debug settings in their own settings. Maybe that too

But there are debug entries for PSU control in that octoprint.log provided in the first post:

2021-06-01 18:08:45,063 - octoprint.plugins.logging - INFO - Setting logger octoprint.plugins.psucontrol level to 10
2021-06-01 18:08:47,725 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - Polling PSU state...
2021-06-01 18:08:47,728 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - isPSUOn: False
2021-06-01 18:08:48,262 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - INFO - Switching PSU On
2021-06-01 18:08:48,264 - octoprint.plugins.psucontrol - DEBUG - Switching PSU On Using GPIO: 18

PSU control doesn't create a separate log file.

Ok.....just figured out that I am dumb was expecting a standalone log file like this plugin_PSU_Control.log instead of just realizing the debug logs were included in the octoprint.log.

Thanks everyone for the help!