Octoprint Log Output


The last days a push my own file server from Ubuntu 18 to 20. So atm i take more looks at the syslogs as usal. This ubuntu machine is also the home of my octoprint installation (only as background story)

The content of the syslog is 80% only octoprint. Several plugins ... with INFO Loglevel and my octoprint log contains also a lot of "INFO Spam" 256MB in one day is too much.

My log settings.

Two questions now:
How can i set the octoprint internal loglevel lower? Atm i got only octoprint logs with INFO
How can i disable the syslog entrys from octoprint to the ubuntu syslog

Christianoctoprint_log_example.zip (1013 Bytes)

Syslog Problem solved with adding the line at the systemd service:

For the octoprint log i add now for each line a extra config:

Looks like the logfiles are more cleaner now.

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