OctoPrint Meetup at Chaos Communication Camp 2019

As those of you who already watched the latest OctoPrint On Air know, I'll be at CCCamp19 at the end of August.

Some of you already approached me if it would be possible to do a meetup there, and I figured I might as well just make that an official self organized session. Date and location are still TBD (I'm waiting for a bit more info on the venue and also the availability of the Fahrplan to not collide with any talks), but I still wanted to put this out here and take the opportunity to figure out who else will be there :smiley:

Also: I'll bring stickers of course!

edit: date & time will be August 22nd aka Day 2 at 18:00. Location will be decided once I got my bearings of the place.

edit 2: date and time is August 22nd aka Day 2 at 18:00, location is the seating area south of Milliways (grid S9 on the map)

(photo by Robert Anders)