OctoPrint Merch

Are these cups and shirts on Spreadshirt "officially" approved?
If so, do they help in funding the development of OctoPrint? @foosel
I found them via Google but not linked on the OctoPrint website :thinking:


sounds legal

Oh Wow, I'd totally buy a ballcap with the octoprint logo.

Oh dear, I totally forgot about that being public. I set that shop up ages ago (2013?) to get some merch made for myself and never really looked into making this official. That was in the early days of OctoPrint, and I also wasn't too happy about the quality back then.

I'm currently in talks with a merch store and I hope that something will come off that soon (I keep having to ping them cough :wink: ). In the meantime, I've deactivated that shop - I remember that I uploaded RGB designs back then instead of CMYK, which was the reason for the suboptimal outcome, and before I make this active again I really need to correct that, I don't anyone buying merch that doesn't look the best it can. I'll try to look into it ASAP though - merchandise gets requested surprisingly often (well, once every couple of months, but for me that is surprisingly often.

Sorry for the back and forth :confused:


That explains why it was not linked on the website :sweat_smile:

With only a few requests a year it doesn't sound like merchandise needs to be a top priority. But if you can offer stuff without too much hassle and even make profit out of it, I would happily buy something.

Oh and one last question (which is kind of connected to this topic): Have you answered the question of how you came up with the name and logo of OctoPrint somewhere?

I think I answered it somewhere, but I honestly can't remember where. But this is basically the origin story (sadly not all image links work anymore as I just saw - what you are missing are raw first versions of what is now the OctoPrint mascot, including one where the poor guy was stuck inside the crystal ball, which in the end made me feel bad for it and convinced me :wink: )

Proto OctoPrint logo:


PS: The logo was created by my best friend and if you've ever used sp-studio.de to create your own Southpark style avatar, you've actually used stuff she created as well :wink:


Someone must know someone at Github that can make an octoprint octocat.

Wow, what a historic post :wink:

I really enjoy using OctoPrint. To me it's the most important part of the 3D printing toolchain.
Thanks for putting so much time of your life into this project :+1:

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that's the standard 'cat. there are many many others.

He'd be the guy to ask, I suppose.

I'm sure Octoprint merch isn't as high on your list as keeping up an awesome platform, @foosel. But I hope you do move forward with getting some merch together, I (and the rest of us 3D printing nerds) would love to buy some. I particularly like the t-shirt you are wearing in the Patreon video, especially in that green color. I'd be excited to see what other Octoprint accessories might become available, too. Oh yeah... bump. :slight_smile:

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Bump. I'd like to be able to purchase a shirt for donation... about to finish building another printer, and I'm about to use this new version 2018-11-13-octopi-stretch-lite-0.16.0.... My old Printer is still running strong on version Version: 1.2.10 (master branch)

Hi @gabeellington

This looks like a nightly built. OctoPi 0.16.0 release is already out.

There's now shirts and other apparel available from two official Spreadshirt shops, one in the EU, the other in the US.


Ordered a t-shirt and have been waiting over 1 month for delivery. :frowning:

I got mine gifted for christmas, and I don’t think it was ordered until the first week of december. I would get in touch with spreadshirt.de; they handle the orders and shipping.

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