OctoPrint MJPG Streamer Problem

Trying to understand something, and I may just not fully comprehend but I thought I'd ask.
I used to be able to access MJPG Streamer via a URL and configure my webcam's (Logitech C615) settings, such as exposure, white balance, focus, ECT. However I can't access this anymore and I don't understand why. I'm not sure when this occured, but now the only way for me to configure settings like that are in octolapse, which has not been ideal for me, since any setting I change no matter how small, the camera stream is totally messed up (colors way wrong, bad quality) and won't fix unless I turn off custom settings in octoprint rendering it useless.
Long winded but I wanted to be descriptive. Any advice would be nice! Thank you!

Assuming you are using OctoPi images, it's because the default webpage being loaded in that for the webcamd service was changed to a strip down version. There is a way to change it to the default one, but I'll have to look through some info to remember where that is....stand by.

Much appreciated! Yea I figured they might have stripped it, but I wasn't positive!

Ok, foiund it. I think you just need to stop the service, and update ~/mjpg-streamer/start.sh line to where it's calling the program to be like this.

./mjpg_streamer -i "./input_uvc.so" -o "./output_http.so -w ./www"

maybe not...looks like the one in ./www may actually be stripped down too.

You might be able to copy the original files back to that folder though, maybe.