Octoprint multiple instances and GCODE analysis [SOLVED]


What is the problem?

I have a lot of OctoPrint instances in my machine and i need to upload a huge amount of GCODE on every server, but the file analysis of the filemanger is very CPU intesnsive and with multiple instances of OctoPrint open, the CPU is always on 100%.

Is there a way to disable the file analysis of OctoPrint?

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint 1.3.9 Stable
OS: Centos 7


This is the control you have over the GCODE Analyzer from the config.yaml file.

Personally, I would dedicate one Raspberry Pi 3B per printer/OctoPrint instance.


You may see better results with the PrintTimeGenius plugin. Never really looked at how it's CPU consumption is, but the process does seem to finish a lot faster than the built in analysis.