Octoprint not restarting after pause


So I made a 8h print and about 2h into it, one of the support was knocked over. I didn't want to cancel the print so I Paused it. From there I put back the support (glued to the bed) and clicked on resume.

The X went completely to the right (X220 I guess) and then the Z increased about 10mm. Then nothing happened for about 30 seconds when the Z increased again about 10mm. And this went over and over until the Z almost hit the top of the printer, when I shutdown everything.

In the terminal logs, it skipped multiple row with a message saying something like: "Line skipped to avoid too much extrusion" (Sorry, not the exact line, i forget to get the info before turning everything off"

Thought the pause/resume would work, pausing when I asked and resuming where it was paused..

Any ideas?

Rock-solid pause/resume is a product of testing this before your "production" part.

Create a small 1mm x 1mm cube part and send it to the printer, having created good/tested Settings -> Gcode scripts -> before/after pause scripts.

Docs "More nifty pause and resume"

You can also search the forum here for "pause resume scripts" where we've talked about this a lot.

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