Octoprint not working at all

I've downloaded, flashed the .img file. Found the IP address (does nothing) Rebooted my Pi3B+ located the "Boot" icon changed the SSID and password box, removed the #s making the lines active.

Rebooted the Pi, little blue light flashes on the SD adapter. Typed in "https://octopi.local" (Nothing happens except a message telling me it cannot be found) Types in "https://"my pi's ip" (Nothing same message as above)

I've tried reinstalling several times same messages each time. Searched my router for the Pi it's found it's mac address. My network is not showing my Pi

I've not seen a blue light on a Raspberry Pi, and by the SD adapter do you mean the micro SD card slot on the board?

Can you paste the section of this file that you changed? You can swap your SSID & password for ****** so it's not given away.

To verify the Pi is booting up properly, you might want to connect it to a monitor / TV to see if it says anything there.

Also which Pi model you're using would be useful.

I assume you put the SD adapter into one of the USB ports of the PI.
You may try again with inserting the SD card into the SD card slot on the bottom side of the Pi.

The adapter with my Pi 3B+ has a small blue LED to show it's active.

This is the part ive added my internet details too. If I put my routers IP into a search engine it shows that Octopi.local and my pi are present, however, nothing happens

Could you please share a photo of your RasPi configuration? Just curious what adapter you mean and what blue LED...

this little chap

An inside that one is the SD card?

This is my pi complete with the micro sd holding the operating system. The white holder has a blue led when it’s powered and reading or writing the SD Card is on the other side. I tried to upload two pictures, unfortunately the system won't permit it

One blue led. The system is reading what's on the SD Chip, that's as far as it gets! I can get into sudo raspi-config etc
cannot find http://octopi.local or https://octopi.local either

Do you have the chance to connect a HDMI monitor or TV to the Pi?
At the end of the startup sequence you will get the actual IP address of the Pi

Yes 192.168.0. (Removed)

Have you tried to connect there?


Yes nothing

Sorry for the delay - I've been to work this morning.

I assume you are in the same network (192.168.0.x)
I still don't know the purpose of this white adapter thingy...

The adapter is to get the program onto the Pi. Noobs os is on the chip inside the pi

Ever tried the direct OctoPi solution?

No I haven’t

Maybe that works.