OctoPrint not working on a new Raspberry pi 4b 8gb

Hello everyone,

I bought a brand new Raspberry pi 4b 8gb to run octoprint (to replace my old pi 1b).
To install octoprint I downloaded the latest official image from OctoPrint.org - Download & Setup OctoPrint and used balenaEtcher to flash the octoprint on the new pi. When turning it on the red light was on, but the green light was flashing 4 times slow and 4 times fast and then repeat.

As suggested on official side of raspberry pi I did a EEPROM boot recovery and after that repeated the octoprint setup. Now the green light flashes 8 times (4 slow, 4 fast) and then glows for 20 seconds and then repeat again.

Because I was suspecting that my new pi is malfunctioning I installed Raspberry pi os and it was working with out any problems.

So my question is if Raspberry pi 4b 8gb does not maybe have suport for octoprint? Or am i doing something wrong.

Thank you for your help.


There's a whole thread for you:

The 8 GB version of the Raspberry Pi 4 needs a special (64 bit) version of OctoPi, which can be found in that thread.