Octoprint nowhere to be seen?

Octoprint cant be seen on my network.

When I first run octoprint I could see it on my laptop ad mac, then my Pi stop running for some reason? I restarted everything seemed fine until I tried to find it on my network, nowhere to be seen? So i bought a new Raspberry Pi both are 3plus+

Logs I am new to all this computing stuff with a raspberry so not sure what to do, I have tried reading the help on the website but it's not written in 'idotproof'.)

I have the latest version of octoprint, I am running windows 10 on my laptop and the latest OS on my mac, both could see the pi originally?

Can someone help, I want to use it to run my Ender3 printer, the camera was great as that worked 'Picam' too, I have already lost a roll of filament because I cant monitor the prints from work.


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