Octoprint / Octopi Auto Update

I've used the search function plus some googling and haven't found an answer, but do excuse me if this has already been answered.

Is there a way for Octoprint to automatically update?
literally, every time I log in there's a new prompt telling me about an update. I know I can disable the prompts but that's not what I wish.
I would simply like to have Octoprint automatically update (when not printing, obviously).

And if Plugins could also update that would be wonderful. I've been through the settings and have not found any such toggle option.


PS: this is my first topic, if i'm in the wrong category please tell me, i'll change it.

I guess you mean "update unassisted without me having to press any buttons"? That is not built in, and for good reason. If something goes wrong, you wouldn't know outright. And I would see myself get swamped with "OctoPrint no longer works, fix kthxbye" threads.

Stuff can go wrong during updates, and release notes should be read, and so, no, completely unattended updates are not something I want to add.

However, the software update plugin does have a command line interface and stuff like Cron should work just fine here. Consider this a case of "you are on your own" however -- if something goes wrong during unattended upgrades and you have to pick up the pieces, it's not my fault.

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Wait, people actually say "thanks"?

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Sometimes. Though those specifically actually not in most cases, you are right.

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Thank you (no pun intended xD) for your elaborate answer. That makes perfect sense and you are totally right going this route.
I guess I was aiming for an automatic update for stable realeses....hate to say it, but uhm ... Like Windows updates... Just not randomly at the wrong time :rofl:.

And just to be clear, I wasn't hating on the constant updates. It's bloody amazing to have so much constant support and work done on an open source project. !

Cheers! Hopefully others will find this useful if they Google the same thing.


I am working on a pull request that will allow you to queue those updates while printing and it will just install them once the print is complete. I hope to get that completed and approved for the 1.8.0 version of OctoPrint.

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