Octoprint/octopi not changing colors correctly

My Geeetech A20M has two parts on the bed. One on extruder 1(0) and the other on extruder 2(1). When octoprint starts to print part two is changes to extruder 2(1) and prints the first layer. Then it goes to the print tower and continues to use extruder 2(1) and goes to part one. Then goes to the print tower and continues to use extruder 2(1). Never actually changes back to extruder 1(0). I put the file on an Sd card it prints perfectly. Can anyone please help me fix this. I am wanting to print some parts that color change during print in the same part and trying to work out the bugs before I start that print.
I can provide a link to my github if anyone wants the Gcode

Spent all day on the Geeetech and Facebook to have someone tell me I needed to set octoprint to 2 extruders one hot end that’s when is that red changing colors but will only make the change from extruder 1 to extruder 2 but not back to 1
BTW this is I guess technically octopi since I am sending it to my raspberry pi to print.

Hello @Trickster1!

How does the printer profile on OctoPrint look (screencopy)?

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I hope all these come out ok

Let me know what else you need. I really really like the octoprint/octopi I have a camera coming for it. I am currently using Cura slicer. If there is a better free one I am willing to try it. Prusa slicer I have used I find it’s a lil harder to use.

I see. Try this:
because you have two independent extruders.

My 2 extrudes share the same hot end

My printer is printing so I blew up a factory shot so you can see my extruder and hot end setup on my printer

Yes, it has one shared nozzle, but two independent extruders

Just - try - it.

No, shared is correct in this scenario. An octoprint.log and a serial.log would help though.

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