OctoPrint/OctoPi set-up videos/guides

A couple of good guides for setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi (using Guy Sheffer's OctoPi image).

Thomas Sanlanderer's Getting started with OctoPrint on the Raspberry Pi... guide is a good one for basic setup. Scroll down the page for both written directions and the video.

Joe Mike Terranella's OctoPrint Tutorial Series of videos I've found helpful, starting with one on basic setup, and progressing to others on more advanced topics (accessing from anywhere, web cams, plugins & slicing with Cura, touchscreens, etc.)

Both of these may be getting a bit dated, since they were made using older versions of the OctoPi image, but they still seem to work. (They will both need some minor updating when OctoPi 0.15 comes out, since it handles editing your WiFi settings a bit differently.)


Like to add the videos of Chris Riley:

He made some very good OctoPrint related ones.

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I hear through the grapevine that foosel herself contributed a fair amount to the OctoPi project's codebase, for what it's worth.

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My original post was intended only to differentiate those who were starting with that image, as opposed to "rolling their own". It was not intended to slight any of those who have or are contributing to the OctoPi image (I've made one or two contributions myself - albeit minor ones, in the form of finding bugs and detailing how to reproduce them). I think Gina is aware of how much I value what she does. Even she refers to it as "Guy Sheffer maintains OctoPi” without listing all of the other contributors on the OctoPrint web site.

At any rate, the post has been up for almost a year and no one else seemed to take umbrage to how I referred to it. If anyone has been suffering in silence for all that time, I apologize.

Forget it, I'm just fixing my own bad karma. I'm sure on here I've said "Guy's OctoPi" like a kajillion times.

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