Octoprint on a cheap China Touchscreen

Hey everyone,
I think I have a pretty typical problem with my 3.5'' touchscreen but the explanations i found online unfortunately didn't work. I really tried it now for about two days and now i don't know what else to do.
My screen is working property with the Touch ui plugin. But the direction of the touchscreen in y direction is inverted. I tried to fix it with a lot of troubleshooting articles but most of the time I had to reinstall octoprint because the plugin didn't work anymore. I'm not really fit in programming raspberry so I'm only able to follow some instructions.

This explanation worked fine for getting the screen and the plugin to work. But when I did step 5 to correct the matrix of the touchscreen, my plugin doesn't work anymore. After removing the part from the config file it worked again.
That is the Touchscreen I have. I use it together with a raspberry pi 4.

I would really appreciate if somebody had the same problem and could give me a advice to solve this problem. Thanks

Try reading through this. The same sort of fix might help you.