Octoprint on a Debian VM : Issues on reconnect

Having Octoprint installed on a Debian VM works well (ESXi 6.7) but the only problem I have is that I run a script to shutdown the printer once the print is finished (that works well) but when I turn the printer back on, Octoprint obviously isn't connected anymore to it but when I press the connect button, It doesn't work until I physically remove the usb cable from the printer and back on....

Is there a way to probe USB port and then reconnect automatically ?
Is there anyway to remove "Auto", /dev/ttys0-s1-s2-s3 and only hardcode /dev/usb0 with a try to connect until this port is available ?

Octoprint latest running on Debian latest on ESXi 6.7 (connected via USB to printer)
Ender3 pro

Thanks :slight_smile: