Octoprint on Rasberry pi zero W


Is it possible for it to work with camera if i disable the wifi and the ble?
Thanks in advance


You can use a pi zero w with camera and wifi/Bluetooth. The limiting factor is the CPU. It will work fine, just will be slow.
If you want to drop wifi, just remember that you need a USB hub for a USB Ethernet adapter.


Well i read some articles and they say it doesn't work and it destroys print quality if you have both


if you kill networking, how will you access it?


With a one of those usb modems in which you put a sim card or a donggle


If you leave Bluetooth on in certain circumstances (like when an EiNSY board is connected/soldered to the GPIO pins) then the serial connection to the EiNSY gets the bad UART. Disabling the Bluetooth and the terminal-over-serial in raspi-config will open up the good UART for the printer.

If you never connected a browser to OctoPrint during your printouts then a Zero would work fine without the webcam. The CPU would be from 30%-80% busy most of the time in this scenario.

Clearing the cache in your browser and reloading is pretty intensive on the CPU of the Raspi. It will routinely go to 100% for a few seconds like this fulfilling the client's needs. Add to this a webcam and it just doesn't sound like a good idea.