Octoprint on school's network and ethernet connection is not working

What is the problem?
Trying to set up OctoPrint on a school's network using an ethernet connection, because I can't really use the WiFi. I loaded the image and all, but I can't find a ethernet connection nor a WiFi Connection, thus I can't access octopi.local.
I know that it somehow must work since it was once already set up until the file got corrupted.

What did you already try to solve it?
googled a lot of stuff to set it up in different ways.

I am using a Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 and the octopi 0.17.0 version.

Also it is my first time using Raspberry Pi, so I am following tutorials to set it up so far.

If you're allowed to do that you should talk to one of your schools IT guys/girls and ask how to put a device on their network

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ok, so apparently the wlan should work and I am also able to find a wlan list of networks. So my next question would be: for the wlan settings in the octopi-wpa-supllicant.txt file : i am using the wpa/wpa2 , the network has the school's name and i log in with my school's email and password.
so I put it that way:

##wpa/wpa2 secured

iface wlan0-octopi inet manual
wpa-ssid "School's Wifi"
wpa-psk "my password"

is that correct?

Hi @Julius

If you got access to your school wi-fi lan with your email and password your network isn't a wpa/wpa2 psk (pre shared key) secured but probably an WPA EAP secured network.

This mean that is impossible to connect without a 802.1x supplicant. IMHO is a problem that can't be solved without modification of OctoPi packages.



Put an Ethernet cable between the Pi and your workstation. (It used to be that you needed a crossover Ethernet cable but they tell me that the Pi 3B can do this even with a standard cable.)

I'd be really really careful with suggestion like this because it might go against the school's network policy and get OP in deep trouble with the administrators.

This is actually what I'd do.

Otherwise - I suggest to take a look at how 802.1x with a radius server is configured via wpa_supplicant.conf, because this is what this most likely sounds like. The manpage has examples.

Really? If the original poster is setting this up then he/she is likely responsible for it, I would assume.

The assumption here is that their laptop can be used as a wifi gateway and transfer the packets for the Pi by proxy. I've done this before. Given that the person has successfully logged in via their email address on the laptop then they've satisfied the school's security requirements.

If there is any doubt, then the original poster should take it home if that's an option, set it up and then bring it back to school.

If I was the network administrator here I'd strongly disagree with that point of view.

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I mean the main point was about asking if it is ok....

got it working now through an ethernet and will make first tries like that