Octoprint on Winbo 3D Printer

Hello everyone,
I am new and if my topic is not in the right place, sorry for that.

I have a Winbo Super Helper SH155L 3D printer.
I would like to add octoprint.

In the section "Printers known to work/not work" I don't see any information for Winbo Super Helper.

Does this mean that I will have to give it a try and be first to say if it is working or not?

Is there something to check on the machine before I make an order for details.

Thank you very much for your time.

Have a nice day,

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Exactly :slight_smile:
If you already have a Pi just give it a try, if not let me know and we can run some tests on your PC to see whether it might work or not.

Thank you for your time.
I don't have Pi.
I will be happy run some test on PC to see if it is going to work.

Sorry for the late reply

Download pronterface and try to connect it with the printer.
Then just try some basic stuff - move the axis a bit, try to heat the nozzle and the bed.

If that works I'm pretty confident that it will also work with OctoPrint / OctoPI :slight_smile:

No problem with the late reply.
I download it and it works.
I move the nozzle by X, Y, and Z.
I heat the nozzle to 150 degrees
Even I start printing from pronterface.

Thank you for everything,
I will start researching why do i need (as components) to control remote my printer via octroprint.

After I buy everything and instal them, I will share here, final result.

I will be very pleased if my result is positive and if we add winbo SH155L in the list ""Printers known to work/not work"

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