Octoprint on Wlan Printer


It is possible to connect my Octoprint in a docker container on a Synology Nas with Lan to my Snapmaker Printer or is the only way on USB ?

My Nas and the Printer stand in different Rooms and i have only a wifi or lan connection.

Thanks for help

The only way is USB unless you are going to make the serial port work over the network. In theory possible, but it may end up prone to failures as well. You would need something to run at the printer's end as well, as the printer definitely doesn't support the network communication.

That's the main reason people run OctoPrint on Raspberry Pis commonly - they are small and relatively inexpensive for the computing power they can provide.

I've also spent some time trying to figure out exactly this @NickJag. I have a Synology and wanted to connect Octoprint to my Prusa Mini which is connected by LAN.

Did you find a way?