Octoprint pauses during 1st layer

I have Ender6 hooked up through octoprint. Using A surface pro 6 printer through a web connect to octoprint. Seems to have been working previously however now it wants to pause print during a print 1st layer and turn off hotend heater. I reheat the hotend and click resume and within 2 seconds it would turn it back off and pause print. What causes this. I had to unplug octoprint and put the file on the sdcard and it run perfectly without octoprint so process of elimination, Octoprint has a problem. Had been printing with it before and had no problems with this kind of thing.Was using Cura 4.9.1 to slice. Just upgraded to 4.13 after this problem and have not hooked octoprint back up to printer.

Do you have a filament sensor or something similar installed? A log file/systeminfo bundle (as would have been asked for it this was initially posted in Get Help) might hold the answer.

My Ender 6 did come with a filament runout sensor, Yes. Not near out of filament though.

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