Octoprint prints the model wrong

Sometimes when I print models octoprint doesn't print what the preview mode says. I preview the model in both cura and in the octoprint g-code viewer window, and both shows the model correct. But when I print some models, a round corner of a simple box has suddenly become straight because it has cut of the edge (so the model has become smaller. Other times, the brim or skirt on one or two sides of the model is not printed. Sliced in cura, designed in Fusion 360.

Changed version of Cura, updated octoprint to newest version, checked that bedsize is right.

Ender 3

OctoPrint just delivers the gcode commands in the gcode file to the printer as they are, there is no cut off. (How should OctoPrint know to do this at exactly this position?)

Do you hear some mechanical issues/noise during the print?
Does this also happen when you print from SD card?

Do you have plugiins installed? Have you tried the safemode?

Do you have some logs?

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Does it look right in the cura printing preview?

It looks to me as if the print job just jammed against some hard stop on the right side.

I was playing around with my printer once and tried to overshoot the print volume to see how far it could go. It looked like what you've just done.


Good idea. Could also be the softstops

If it were me, I'd triple-check the printer profile in your slicer and in OctoPrint for the bed dimensions. I would review any rafts, brims, etc in relation to the part's size and those bed dimension limits.

And then I might consider moving the part left on the bed while slicing or simply spin it by 90 degrees.

My money is on the curve is going past your real build volume (depending on the precise point where you placed your endstops your build volume may be less than the quoted build volume)

Agree with OutsourcedGuru
Profile settings are most probably not correct or at least different from your X or/and Y axis (offset?) of your printer.
build volume slicer => setting printer
X-axis offset slicer => setting printer
Y-axis offset slicer => setting printer
in case of dual extruder/dual hot end check nozzle offset setting slicer => setting printer (Only one)
good luck