Octoprint, Rasp v3 b+, and Cura - halp!


Problem is that under installation in my browser the octoprint is asking me to setup a slicing profile.

From what i can read and see, i cant do what its asking me from Cura 3.6 which is what im using. I tried going into manage profiles and exporting one of my pla profiles, - but it seems to not take it.

So.. is it because im using cura 3.6 or..?

Note, Im trying to setup the octoprint so its attached to the creality S4, with a webcam, using wifi; so i can sit on another machine, and remote it/view it. I dont want the rasppi to actually be connected to my computer at any time. Im assuming this is one of the ways to use it?

Any ideas/thoughts?


Honestly, I have the Cura plugin turned off in my installation. I slice using a stand-alone copy of Cura and then upload the .gcode file to OctoPrint.


That would work for me too. So this way i can still slice the thing in cura, and then remote upload from my computer to the raspberry pi, and have it just "run" the code on the printer?


That's what all the cool kids do. ha

I really love the control that I get in the full/new version of Cura. I especially like relative extrusion.


I have no idea what you mean, could you elaborate? Im just hitting cura - but it seems pretty good. What i do love though is the resume print on power on on my cr-10 s4 - i wont leave it overnight so i just shut off the machine and turn it on in the morning, such an awesome feature. Is there a feature in octoprint that would enable you to stop a print, and resume it the day after even though both octoprint and the printer has been shut off?


Ignore the slicing profile. Hit "next" or "finish".


Not to the best of my knowledge. Resuming a print after a power-on seems to be something a lot of people want. It would allow them to recover after a power outage. Given the way that OctoPrint is queuing a fair number of movements to the printer (@ usually 115200 baud) without a feedback loop to know what the printer has accomplished, this is problematic.

You might be able to work up something which involves a pause-at-end-of-this-layer feature, noting the layer number. The next day, you could then work up something to resume printing at that layer perhaps. I know of nothing that's ready to go regarding that strategy, however.

Back to Cura, I currently use v3.4.1 and I prefer that Special Mode feature called Relative Extrusion. It means that each and every line of GCODE which extrudes filament refers to the actual amount of filament instead of some number that might as well be the balance of your checkbook. I don't like Absolute Extrusion for this reason; it just doesn't seem to be very compatible with pause/resume scripts.