Octoprint Raspi Camera V2 Lag Issues/Networking

Hi all,

I've just installed Octoprint on all 3 of my printers. I'm running a Raspi 4 on each machine with a separate instance of Octoprint on each. I've added a raspi camera V2 to each setup recently, and configured resolution to -x 1640 -y 1232 -fps 10 -quality 95. This gives me a full screen image at the best resolution.

The issue I have is that all the camera feeds are very slow to update. There is about a 20 second lag between the camera and the feed and the footage is not smooth at all.

All 3 pi's are connected to the 5GHz wifi band form a BT home hub 6 (the latest one). I've tried the 2.4GHz band and there's no difference. I've tried reducing the resolution of the cameras and theres not much difference.

I think it's an issue with bandwidth being saturated on the wi-fi signal- all wi-fi devices (like phones and tablets) are slowing down now as well. So I wanted a bit of advice on connecting over Ethernet, I don't know much about networking haha.

Would I be right in thinking that if I connect the raspi to the home hub over Cat7 or Cat8 cable I should get much more bandwidth and a better connection between the pi and the hub, and if all the pi's are on separate cables then there will be plenty of bandwidth for each? Then when I log onto Octoprint on the local network I should be benefitting form the increased speed as the pi's are on the network itself rather than using the broadband coming from BT?

If anyone can help with this it would be fantastic

Thanks in advance,