OctoPrint RPI 3 no green light & not booting

What is the problem?
Octopi is not booting. It was working about 2 days ago.. As far as I know, I didn't edit anything in that span. This happened previously, but a full reinstall of OctoPrint fixed it. Here is octoprint.log, beware there was lots of rebooting. Also, this is boot.log. According to my laptop, it was last modified yesterday (I attempted to reboot it today).

What did you already try to solve it?
Rebooted, checked the power source & made sure the SD wasn't dead.

The plugins I can remember:

  • Cura slicer
  • MP Select Mini connection fix (I have a MP Select Mini v2)

This a pi 3 B by the way.

The green light isn't always on as far as I'm aware, that's a "hard drive activity" light like you'd get on a PC, it only comes on when there's activity to/from the SD card.

[ 6.540878] systemd-fsck[242]: 0x41: Dirty bit is set. Fs was not properly unmounted and some data may be corrupt.

Do you just pull the plug on the pi or do you always shut it down properly first? If you're just pulling the power without shutting down properly, you might have corrupted something.

I try to shut it down properly, but sometimes I accidentally forgot and just pull the plug. Will I need a new Pi? I have a Pi 2, but it's running pihole and needs Ethernet (I used a pi 3 because it has wifi).

edit: reading over the error message you showed, it looked like a software-corruption, whew

no, usually pulling the plug can corrupt the SD card contents, but it's not guaranteed that it will. I've seen some people say it can actually destroy the SD card if it's in the process of writing something (never personally had that happen) but usually the Pi itself should survive.

They run a version of linux, and linux doesn't like having the power just pulled, you might get away with it once, or you might get away with it 1000 times before something bad happens. It all depends on what's going on when the cord gets yanked.

Ah, thanks. I suppose I'll try reimaging the SD card.