Octoprint running bed motors too far

What is the problem?

When using Octoprint (or even if Octoprint is connected and I print from SD card) my Ender 3 tends to run off the rails at times. That is to say that after it Auto Homes, the motors try push the bed past it's build size and the motors and gears start to grind with a horrible noise. . I have to RUN to the printer, turn it off and restart the process. When running the nozzle wipe the board runs so far forward that it's melted a hole in the rear left support. All this started after I upgraded to a SKR mini board.

What did you already try to solve it?

I tried to make sure the profile in Octoprint was correct (Bed size and all that). I thought running the auto home then plugging the Pi in seemed to solve the problem but today it freaked out. I had to completely disconnect the PI from the Ender 3. Even when I ran the GCode from the SD card and the PI was plugged in it did the same thing. I had disconnect the PI and then run from SD card before all was well.

Logs (octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab at a minimum, browser error console if UI issue ... no logs, no support!)

I think this is the last log where the problem occurred. - I'm going to link to the log because I tried to paste it and it went over the character limit.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible)

OctoPrint 1.3.12, Running on Pi B+ - Stock Marlin Firmware from SKR Board, Ender 3 Pro, Chrome Browser on iMac 10.14.6

Thanks for your help.

The octoprint profile is just for the gcode viewer and warns you if your print is too big. The profile has no influence on the printer itself.

I'm pretty sure you got the wrong bedsize in your firmware and/or no softstops

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