Octoprint sending G1 Z movements every layer


I've been trying to figure out why, since I started using octoprint a few days ago my extruder at the begining of a layer will ift up, move to center of the test cube, and than move back down. I finally was watching the octopi terminal and notice octopi was sending my printer G1 Z0.200 & G1 Z-0.200 commands every layer. These commands are not in my GCode and I do not know where they are being generated from.

Im running octoprint 1.3.10 (stable) version sending to my raspberry pi 3 b. My printer is a tronxy x5s core xy machine and I am currently running klipper firmware, though this was happening on marlin as well.

any insight to what im doing wrong would be much appreciated

CCR10_CalibrationCube5.gcode (502.2 KB)


Hi @jstankowski,

do you have someting like OctoLapse ore Timelapse activated?
You also can try the Safemode to check if it is a plugin.


I do have time lapse and octolapse activated. Not sure about safe mode.


You can restart OctoPrint in safe mode without the plugins.
It's withe the system icon, the bottom item.


Thank you so much, I'm new to octoprint and now I feel silly. It was octolapse forcing a stabilize movement.