Octoprint sets target temp 7454c

The problem is that upon connecting my octoprint to my cr10 s4 and starting both, octoprint decides that target temperature is 7454 degrees for the hotend.

nothing, this just happened - rebooted everything a few times, same happened. Only change i did from when it was working was to change usb cable - before i used another brand, now i am using the cable that actually comes with the cr10s

octoprint latest version raspberry pi 3+

Wildly guessing, I'd suggest that the wrong thermistor definition was chosen in Marlin.

The serial cable should be as short as possible. It should not include extra adapters if possible. It should either have internal metallic shielding or it should have one or more ferrite cores.

Hey. Could very well be that i chose something wrong - what would the line id be looking for be and would you happen to know which is the correct one? Using a cr-10 s4

In a case like this, I think I would search the Internet for something like: cr-10 s4 configuration.h thermistor

Resulting in links like this where the author indicates that he/she could generate an image if requested. And this video looks promising (at least for a CR-10). The nice thing about this is that he's taking you through the process.

Of course this is all just blind guesswork unless you @r3x provide some logs (which is why they are requested in the topic template in this forum section :wink: ).