OctoPrint settings page crashing

I just loaded "Firmware Updater" plugin. Now whenever I try to access the octoprint settings page it looks up until I close it and try again. As long as I don't access settings the UI seems okay in any other way.

I have done multiple restarts and verified that the network is working okay. I tried restarting OctoPrint in safemode but this does not seem to change anything, the settings UI still locks out.

Systeminfo Bundleoctoprint-systeminfo-20211228214346.zip (52.5 KB)

I keep Octoprint up to date. It is running on a raspberry pi 4 4GB and has a 5" touchscreen using OctoDash that continues to work correctly even when the UI from the web page is locked up. As i cannot access the settings menu I cannot remove the "firmware updater" plugin that seems to have casued this to test if it is otherwise okay.

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