Octoprint Sever Overload Cura 5.1

Octoprint Sever Overload Cura 5.1 (For about 20 or 30 seconds then this message vanishes; 3D Printing works find otherwise

I only noticed this since upgrading to 1.8.3

Is this a help request or a general information about how to do something (FAQ)?

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Not quite sure if that's an issue on the OctoPrint side or with the Cura plugin, but either way it doesn't belong in the faq section.
I'm moving it to get help for now.
Also the tag updating is misleading - if somebody is searching for this tag, he doesn't expect to get a post about a Cura issue.

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Alright now let's get to your issue.
Which OctoPrint plugin version are you using in Cura?
What did you do before it happened (so that we can try to reproduce it)?
For example did you start Cura before OctoPrint was started (or the Pi fully booted up)? Did you suspend your PC while Cura was running?
Is the Pi connected via wifi? How's the connection? Does it sometimes time out?

Also please upload a systeminfo bundle.

1.8.3 OctoPrint

octoprint-systeminfo-20220924151758.zip (36.0 KB)

Recently installed OctoEverywhere! (1.10.5) : so this may be the issue

Could it be that the Pi's SD card is out of memory?

2022-09-24 14:04:11,083 - py.warnings - WARNING - /home/pi/oprint/lib/python3.7/site-packages/flask_limiter/extension.py:318: UserWarning: Using the in-memory storage for tracking rate limits as no storage was explicitly specified. This is not recommended for production use. See: https://flask-limiter.readthedocs.io#configuring-a-storage-backend for documentation about configuring the storage backend.
  "Using the in-memory storage for tracking rate limits as no storage "

And please avoid restarting the Pi by power cycling it.
Sooner or later you will have a corrupted file system on the SD card - if this is not already the issue you have.

Please try updating to OctoPrint 1.8.4 (released today) and see if that resolves the issue.

If you were using a global API key with Cura, this broke in 1.8.3. The global API key will be going away soon anyway so now might be the right time to switch to an application key.

3D Printing at this time will update to OctoPrint 1.8.4 some as finished;

Will try a newer API key in Cura 5.1

Thank you

I have update to OctoPrint 1.8.4 ;

Requested a newer API key for Cura 5.1

No more Server issues

Thank you

Thank you


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