Octoprint showing bad gateway after update 1.7

What is the problem?

updated octoprint to 1.7?

What did you already try to solve it?

i haven't as i know very little and had a friend get me setup

Maybe all my stress and frustration has been because I know so little but this has been so stressful getting octoprint run decently. I had this working perfectly before i updated octoprint as it recommended I do. I was trying to get a webcam up and running but now no matter what I do with my limited knowlegde of SBC and octoprint I can't access octoprint it just always say "502 bad gateway" and now im afraid im going to have to do some stuff I have absolutly no idea how to go about such as editing files and use notepad++ or what have you. is there an easier way to just be able to access my printer and control it remotely without having to go through all this?

Without the rest of the information asked for in the template, there's not much we can do to help.

My suggestion would be to start over. Follow the step by step instructions at https://octoprint.org/download/.

If you have problems, start a new Get Help topic, fill in the template with as much detailed information as you can (blue text is a link, click it for more detailed instructions) including which step in the above instructions went wrong, and we will try to get you going.

I honestly don't know how to even provide you the other information is my problem I truly no nothing about using octiprint and was told it was super easy to use after it was up an running on a pi or orange pi. It was but once I updated now nothing works. So your saying I should delete the old octoprint and re install it?

To troubleshoot what is wrong with OctoPrint it's usually necessary to use SSH to access it or connect a HDMI monitor/keyboard to the Pi, so you can poke around and get the necessary log files out. There's lots of guides on the internet about how to use SSH to access your Raspberry Pi, using something like Putty is common, or you can use the ssh command on windows.

Yes, I am suggesting that you start over. I believe that will be faster than trying to figure out what is wrong with your current install. By doing so you will also have first hand knowledge of what you did so you can communicate with us exactly where things go wrong (if they do).

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