Octoprint shows double the printing time


Octoprint shows double the printing time.

When I drop the G-code in from Ideamaker, Octoprint shows double the time from what the slicer shows. The Imagemaker slicer time is correct and Octoprint is wrong.

Can this be fixed?


Try looking into the new plugins which provide better estimates of the print time. Make sure to click the more... link.


On the other hand: OctoPrint only has the information to calculate the print time that are provided by the slicer...


Not sure if this is all related or not but after a print is finished, it shows 50% printed in Octo. All the buttons are active but do nothing. I click cancel and it responds with a popup to confirm and I do. Nothing happens. If I go to the timelapse window there is no file.

I shut the system down and reboot, then Im back to normal and can print and my timelapse file shows up from the previous print.

Am I missing code at the end of the print? Im using Imagemaker gcode.


Review the octoprint.log for the time period when it seems to have crashed or become unresponsive. You could even share that with us.


OK All the issues other then the double print time are on my end.
Yes, im admitting fault :scream:

Issue is that my MAC was going to sleep during the print.
Fix: Refresh browser page.
Fix; Set computer not to go to sleep.

I truly appreciate your helping. Im new to this and need some hand holding at times. Along with this in time, I will be able to offer answers rather than just questions.


Post one of your GCODE files that show this double print time behaviour. Sounds like something might be off in them.


I have come across a strange problem that appears tied to the cura 3.1 plugin for octoprint and could be related. The GCODE file gets the print job written to it twice. I managed to catch the issue just in time on a print today before it resent the print but I can confirm in the GCODE generated out of Cura and sent to the Octoprint that it has two copies. It seems this happens when I try to print before the printer is online and I get the prompt to queue the print job. If I cancel, connect the printer, then send.. it appears to be the scenario where the two jobs are embedded in one file.


The OP is seeing this problem when uploading using the web interface. The issue with Cura was my silly mistake in the code that uploads the gcode file to OctoPrint if - and only if - the upload was canceled (or not started) after it initiated. The chances of these two issues being "related" are minute.


No debate here. I just came across this when searching for answers to my problem. If there is a separate thread or status on the issue I am seeing, I can move discussion there.


I am also interested in this. I appear to have come across this issue twice yesterday. Luckily the first time it just knocked the first print out of the way and started over again doing the same print. The second time the print had a larger surface area and was very flat. The print head using the finished model actually pushed the glass/pei sheet off the print area which I had secured with binder clips and started printing spaghetti all over the place. Luckily I caught it not far in before any damage was done.