Octoprint shows temp drop to 0 then back up

hey everybody new to forum. been using octoprint for awhile.

i just replaced the bored in my aquila and now octoprint is keeps going to 0 on both the bed and nozzel. then back to my settings. i check the printer temp and it stays steady.

any idea what could be causing this?

never seen anything like that before

please enable serial logging, try to reproduce the issue and upload a systeminfo bundle (if that's supported by your octoprint version - otherwise just upload the logs)

glad to be the first lol

attached is the log

octoprint.log (3.1 MB)

Unfortunately, that isn't what was asked for. Please re-read @PrintedWeezl's post and provide what he asked for.

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I also need the serial.log.
Either upload just the serial.log or the whole systeminfo bundle if it's more convenient.

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