Octoprint Slow Downloading

Hello, Just hoping this is not an issue with this site. 1 hour for a 562 MB download? I checked my speed to make sure this wasn't on my end. My download speed is 124Mbit. Perhaps some issue with the site? NOT complaining! Just sharing information. No response is necessary

I just mention that my own Internet has been wonky today (San Diego, maybe just Cox). It's unlikely that this is at all related to what you're seeing. Sometimes the Internet doesn't work all that well at times.

I think it is the 9600 baud modem they are using.. J/K:joy::rofl:

I had to read it twice to see that you mean the OctoPi image to download...

Here it was finished after 1 minute 11 seconds.



It actually looks like it downloaded to a google server after I downloaded the first image. I deleted first image due to a problem I created. Second time I downloaded the image it was less then 30 seconds. Everything worked out. Thank you!!

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