Octoprint status update on filament change

What is the problem?

Printing from Octoprint to Prusa MK3S with a filament change (M600) works great. The Prusa stops and waits for the change like it should. However in Octoprint the status always shows printing. In the terminal I see the M600 and waiting on user messages but the Octoprint status never updates. Is there a way to get the status to update to paused or something during a filament change where the printer is actually paused waiting on user?

I'm not sure if PrusaFirmware has the same options or not, but I know in Marlin you have to enable HOST_PROMPT_SUPPORT and HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS to communicate back to host software (OctoPrint in this case) what is happening on the printer.

Some Googling seems it may not, but I haven't exhausted my research there yet. If I can see M600 command and the pause messages in the Ocotprint terminal window, could I use that to trigger a state change?

You could use an M600 re-write plugin that catches the command, and runs all the filament change stuff on OctoPrint's side.

Or you can add M600 to the blocked and pausing commands in the serial connections, and create your own pausing script in the gcode scripts section (basically what the plugin does for you). This would mean that the M600 would never reach the Prusa side.