Octoprint steam not showing, fails to restart and more

Hello all

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 powered Octoprint that just seems to have a lot of issues lately.

Anytime I am prompted for new updates and allow them to update, Octoprint will tell me it's unable to restart. If I try to do a Shutdown or Restart, that fails too. I wind up doing the unplug/plug back in with the power cord (with a 15 second pause between).

The newest issue is when the print is running, there is now no video stream. It's like this Octoprint is slowly falling apart on me

I've logged in SSH and not sure what to poke around with in the logs. But I am also beginning to wonder if I should just wipe the SD card and reimage the last version? If so, what's the best method to delete / clear the SD card of everything? I hate to go this route but I want to print :slight_smile:

If it were me, I'd consider retiring that microSD card and starting with a fresh install of the OctoPi image. If that is happy then you could consider reflashing the original card.

Not a terrible idea
I just powered the thing off and on ....working normally again For how long?
Seems like cheap insurance to just retire that SanDisk SD card and get a new one

Definitely a case of the SD card going bad. Once it starts, it will slowly get worse, and every time you have to just cut power to shut it down, you take the chance of it not coming back up at all due to severe corruption of the card. I would make a backup with Octoprint, load the new 0.17 version of Octopi on a new card and restore your backup. Once it's up and running properly, use DD to make a copy to another SD card and keep it stored away somewhere safe. Better yet is to use a USB connected SSD drive and boot directly to that and forget the SD card entirely. Much less chance of corruption and it runs faster.

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