Octoprint stops printing in the middle of a print

Last night and the night before, Octoprint would stop printing right in the middle of a print, the hot end and bed go on cooldown and octoprint in chrome asks if its still connected. I have had 0 issues with octoprint over the past 3 or 4 weeks until the night before last when this first happened after I posted here about the GCode Viewer being off center. My previous logs with the off center issue showed power issue even though octoprint wasnt flashing its lightning icon as well as heat. So I picked up this Power supply and dual fan heatsink and slapped that on the Pi.

Then last is when the ender 3 pro stopped again in the middle of printing. Yesterday after it randomly stopped printing and i saw the communication error, I found another usb cable and plugged it in but turned everything off to let it cool down in case i have been running it to much. Again, it has been running fine for weeks, can the USB cable get messed up from over use? That would be new to me.

I just now turned on octoprint and my printer and noticed the "State" says: State: Error: Failed to autodetect serial port, please set it manually. which is a new issue looks like, but i can hit connect a couple of times and it connects finally.

I only have a playstation eye and now the dual fans running on the pi, nothing else plugged in.
octopring.log (386.3 KB)

Hi @onyxius!

As it is a communication error, the issue can be - as you mentioned - the USB cable or the printer itself.
Due to the printer is a mechanical device and produces vibrations etc, it could be that plug can get some kind of un-connective if the contacts are well used.
More informative is the serial logs of it collects more data. Maybe you keep it activated for some time if the issue appears again.

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So i think i just found the issue, maybe or at least a issue. I was checking the connections around the mainboard to make sure nothing is vibrating loose and i noticed the case fan is not spinning. Then while printing something just now I noticed the right side fan cooling the extruder was not spinning, so i watched it and it never came on, so the Ender 3 pro may just be overheating and killing itself off.

Just now while its sitting there on, the power supply fan is reving up and down like it has a supercharged motor and its trying to show off to its friends. (maybe power supply is dying).

Here are my logs.
octoprint (1).log (18.5 KB) serial.log (118.8 KB)

Issue may be resolved. I put the printer directly plugged into the wall socket. I have the octoprint/pi and an LED light in a different wall socket. Fans are now working, printer seems to be working. I'm doing a 2 1/2 hour test print and will update this post.


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Sounds great :+1: good luck with it!

I think i'm good to go again. Seems as though that power brick decided to start dying. I printed a 22 hour print then a 3 hour print without issues.

Thanks guys

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