Octoprint suddenly pauses print and continues after a few seconds


I am having the strange issue of octoprint suddenly pausing the print and after a few seconds continue printing. GCODE exported with Cura 4.3.0

This is how the terminal looks like when it's pausing the print:

Send: N8629 G1 X114.385 Y141.777 E0.01015*91
Recv: ok
Send: N8630 G0 F7200 X114.681 Y141.851*117
Recv: ok
send: N8631 G1 F3600 X115.364 Y142.02 E0.0234*57
Recv: E0. T:230.55 /230.00 B:94.98 /95.00 @:50 B@:97

Send: N8908 G0 X103.088 Y111.089*19
Recv: ok
Send: N8909 G0 X95.583 Y111.451*35
Recv: ok
Send: N8910 G1 F1800 X96.469 Y111.451 E0.02947*0
Recv: N89 T:230.00 /230.00 B:95.02 /95.00 @:53 B@:91

Send: N13602 G0 X107.492 Y144.137*35
Recv: ok
Send: N13603 G0 X107.483 Y143.109*40
Recv:  T:229.06 /230.00 B:95.01 /95.00 @:68 B@:89
Recv: ok
Send: N13604 G0 X98.01 Y141.36*25
Recv: ok
Send: N13605 G1 F6000 X97.131 Y142.24 E0.04137*14
Recv: ok
Send: N13606 G0 F7200 X96.503 Y142.24*65
Recv: 65
Recv:  T:229.44 /230.00 B:95.01 /95.00 @:62 B@:88
Recv:  T:229.69 /230.00 B:94.98 /95.00 @:59 B@:95
Recv:  T:230.23 /230.00 B:95.00 /95.00 @:49 B@:89
Recv:  T:230.39 /230.00 B:94.96 /95.00 @:48 B@:99
Recv:  T:230.08 /230.00 B:94.98 /95.00 @:57 B@:93
Recv:  T:230.70 /230.00 B:95.02 /95.00 @:43 B@:85

Octoprint: 1.3.12
OctoPi 0.17.0
Marlin: 1.1.9
Cura 4.3.0
Temperature: 230
Bed: 95

Kind Regards Justinnserial (1).log (79.5 KB) octoprint.log (92.5 KB)

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