Octoprint suddenly won't connect to internet

After about a year of running octoprint fine and printing hundreds of things it started to become very awkward to connect to the Pi, I would have to turn it off and on again to get connected but then later today it just failed completely.

Ive burned the new version of octoprint on the sd and then I tried it on a new card, put in my wifi password and stuff and then put the sd card back in the PI and it won't connect at all, it works when I plug it in via ethernet but it isn't visible through angry ip scanner or on my routers homepage. Not sure where to go after this as I am at the end of knowledge base with working on this stuff. Anyone had this problem before? one thing that may be connected is that my Internet provider were saying there was a fault in the line today and its strange that this failed right after the internet gets turned back on. Every other device in the house has since connected to the wifi without having to enter a new password.

think thats about as much info as I can think of!

By "not connect to the internet" it sounds like it won't connect to your local wifi, right? But it does connect via ethernet?