OctoPrint tells my printer to display an IP address on it's LCD


When I connect my printer to OctoPrint, it automatically tells the printer to display the IP address of the machine OctoPrint is running on. I would like to have it display my own text on connecting to the printer.

I have already tried changing the commands under GCODE Scripts in OctoPrint to say what I want it to say after a connection is established, but it still displays the IP address. I don't really know what to do now.

OctoPrint Version: 1.3.8 (Running on a Windows system)
Printer: Creality CR10-s
Printer Firmware: Marlin 1.1.0 (stock)



Mine has never listed my IP address, it only uses the messages that I put into the GCODE settings in Octoprint

I've got an Anet A8, and I'm also using 1.3.8, but my Marlin is the original stock version that gives you the really cool warning about burning my house down that I totally ignore before leaving it on for days at a time

I wonder where it's getting that IP info from that it's ignoring the Octoprint GCODE settings ?

On the other hand, my Anet doesn't even HAVE an IP unless it's connected to the Octopi. All it has is a USB port that has never done anything except connect to a Raspberry


Did you install a Detailed Progress Plugin in OctoPrint. I created OctoPrint-ipOnConnect plugin that does something similar, but I think one of the progress plugins will do this, and could be the reason why your set M117 Display This settings in GCODE scripts is getting overwritten.


I have already tried changing the commands under GCODE Scripts in OctoPrint

What did you change it to?

Just adding M117 your text here will display your text on the LCD display. http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M117:_Display_Message


Sounds like you have a plugin installed that does that. Try disabling that plugin. If you installed the Prusa version of OctoPi, they ship the plugin by @jneilliii along side the stock install which would explain this.


Yeah, I was surprised when I received a note from the Prusa developers that they found my plugin (not published in the Repo) and wanted to bundle it. It was cool getting a shout out on their instructions page too. But looks like they may be forking it and using their own soon...