OctoPrint time off

What is the problem?

Estimated time for octopi print is crazy off. but finishes in the time cura said it would. Todays print is 14 hours from what Cura says and octopi says 3 days. the timer on octopi counts down quickly, much more quick thank seconds.

What did you already try to solve it?


Have you tried running in safe mode?

I just installed the lastest stable octopi a few days ago. I am new to 3d printing and raspberry stuff in generally. not a coder so not sure what to do. any simi-related articles were from several years ago.

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

I dont know what this is.

Additional information about your setup

WRITE HERE: CR10 and pi is a 4B. think i have 0.18.0 installed

The blue colour and underline signals a link, you can click on it and read what is meant and how to do it.

But true, those ETL and ETA are often not even close to what it takes to finish the print. Cura's prognosis wasn't much better for me, I had the rule of thumb to double the time Cura estimated. I switched over to Prusa-Slicer a while ago which, contrary to it's name, has pinter profile for a lot of other printers too, including mine. And to my surprise that slicer estimates the printing times almost perfectly. They are so proud of what they achieved there that the GCODE file actually has the printing time estimate as part of the default name.

So, if that is an important point for you you might want to try that other slicer. It does pretty useful thumbnails of the models, too.

Install the Print Time Genius plugin for accurate estimations of your prints. It collects info over time about your printer to feed into it's algorithm, and can generate much more accurate estimations. OctoPrint's estimation is optimized for compatibility and speed, so you have the option of a plugin to improve it (at the cost of using more resources)

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